Dr. Norman Shealy recommends Double Helix Water

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Dr. Norman Shealy recommends Double Helix Water

Dr Norman Shealy, Founder of the American Holistic Association, recommends Double Helix Water to anyone with allergies, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases (lupus), cancer or any immune disorder.

Dr Norman Shealy, world renowned neurosurgeon and holistic guru has tested Double Helix Water scientifically with a number of subjects and explains how it can help the body fight a number of diseases and disorders.

Norman Healy wrote the introduction to the book – Double Helix Water – where he explains his findings on Double Helix Water.

Link to – Double Helix Water, introduction by Norman Healy
Link to – Norman Healy – biography
Link to – Norman Healy website – http://www.normshealy.com

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