Double-Helix Water™


Double-Helix Water™

Our extensive research venture to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the molecular structure of water has resulted in what we have termed Double-Helix Water™. I encourage you to read our book, Double-Helix Water™: Has the 200-Year-Old Mystery of Homeopathy Been Solved? It is the precise summation of our discovery of an unknown “phase” of water.

Now what is meant by phase?

We are all familiar with the liquid phase and ice, the solid phase, and steam, which is generated when one boils water. But we have discovered—due greatly to significant improvements in analytical laboratory equipment, such as the Atomic Force Microscope, and fifteen years of very persistent diligence—that a solid particle exists in pure water, and that particle is itself made of pure water.

Without going into great detail, which is thoroughly covered in the above book, I want to give here a brief description and explanation of this newly discovered phase we call Double-Helix Water™.

First and foremost, it is water. There are no additives or added chemical compounds of any kind in that small blue bottle. In fact it is ultra-pure—many times cleaner and with fewer contaminates than the distilled water you purchase at your local food store.

It is not a drug or a curative agent (medicine) in any respect. Yin Lo and I are not medical doctors and we want all to know that we make no representations that this water treats or cures anything, period. Our interest and our study has been, from the beginning, to simply develop a thorough understanding of the structure of water, strictly from a physics viewpoint.

But with that being said, have numerous MDs and scores of other healthcare professionals recommended this new phase of water to their clients, patients and family members for a healthy lifestyle?

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