Double Helix Water – Ultra-Pure Stable Water Clusters


Double Helix Water – Ultra-Pure Stable Water Clusters

Double Helix Water – Ultra-Pure Stable Water Clusters

The properties of stable water clusters (Double Helix Water™) have been the subject of study at numerous universities including: UCLA, Moscow State University, Washington University, Zhongshan University China and others. (See: Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties of Stable Water Clusters, World Scientific, 1997.) One noted study done by Dr. Benjamin Bonavida, former chairman and current professor of Immunology at UCLA, has shown that water containing stable water clusters significantly improves the immune function of white blood cells (a study recently validated by Dr. Norman Shealy in 2008 with 10 healthy adults).

D&Y Laboratories Inc. is now able to produce large quantities of stable water clusters. D&Y calls this water Double Helix Water ™ as Atomic Force Microscope images show that in large concentrations, a double-helix forms much like that of DNA. A complete detail of the research can be found in the book Double-Helix Water and is available here.

Over the last number of years, volunteers were asked to drink a glass of distilled water containing a few drops of Double-Helix Water™ as infrared cameras captured the thermal (heat) images of the volunteers. Each person acted as their own control by first drinking a glass of distilled water containing no stable water clusters. Photos (thermal images) were taken before and after to determine if a significant change in body temperature could be detected. Drinking distilled water without the stable water clusters showed no significant change. When the same individual drank water containing the stable water clusters, very significant changes occurred.  The question we wish to answer is: “Why is there such a significant change in body surface temperature when one drinks water containing stable water clusters? And, Does this occur differently in individuals with distinctive health challenges?”

Double Helix Water™ is solely ultra-pure H2O but we believe it is H2O in a hitherto undiscovered fundamental “phase”; not liquid, ice or vapor “phase” but a molecular solid phase even at room temperatures.

There is no question that this polar charged particle phase of water has a dramatic effect on the thermal images taken of different people with different health problems as you will see below.

The above subject is a woman in her sixties. She has had arthritis for more than ten years and has tried numerous different treatments but with no relief. We took infrared images of her hands (her greatest discomfort from her arthritis) before she drank the water—this is shown on the left and then another set of pictures, as shown on the right, thirty-minutes after drinking.

The color gradations above correspond to temperature, with white as the warmest, followed by red, yellow, green, blue and then black as the coldest.

There was a dramatic reduction in heat. Our interpretation is that the inflammation in her hands was reduced.

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